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Giri Bek - Radiant Health

Radiant Health with Giri Bek

Giri BekWelcome.  I am so glad you have made the decision to visit this website.

Here, you will find the tools necessary to make positive lasting changes in your life!

Are you ready to feel an abundance of vitality, serenity, joy & balance on all levels?

The practices you will find here are time-tested, proven ways to get the harmony back in your body & life.  I offer guidance in Lifestyle & Holistic Nutrition, Recovery from addictive and other self-defeating behaviors, Yoga & Meditation, Relaxation and Transformational Breath ®.

My name is Girija, Giri is my nickname.  I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor RYT500, Transformational Breath ®  Facilitator, & Certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor.  I have been on a healing journey myself since 1994, and my intention is to share some of my experience, strength & hope with you through this website and my other offerings. With my step-by-step guidance,  you will have the tools available to  awaken to a more Radiantly Healthy you!  Health is much more than simply a lack of disease.  It is your birthright to wake each morning excited to greet the new day of possibilities, feeling comfortable in your body.  Enjoy.

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I have had the distinct pleasure of participating in Giri's transformational breathwork and bhakti yoga, as
well as including her as a main presenter at a recent retreat for kundalini yoga practitioners and oneness
blessing givers. I have found her to be a delight, both personally and professionally. In fact, so much so
that we hope to hire her consistently for future events.

Giri is a standout among healers, in that her spirit and commitment to her gifts partners with her
expertise to give participants a truly comprehensive healing experience. She is one of the few individuals
that one meets in life, who enhances your journey simply by her presence. Professionally, I have
found her to be extremely flexible, dedicated, and pleasant: her style is completely unintimidating or
assuming, such that just about anyone would feel comfortable participating in her classes/workshops.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to work with Giri: she is truly a gift!

Dr Darlene Williams
Licensed Psychologist
Board member, Center for the Divinely Guided
Board member, The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy

Having participated to other Juice Fasts, I can tell you that Girija's presence, radiant smile and the ring tone of her healing energy were all crucial to the success of my experience at this last Juice Fast and It all came down to Seeing Giri's beaming face every few hours, regular viewings when she was serving us fasters, offering sustenance when the real nourishment was in the vibe of her gaze: emanated a loving beauty, so open and unguarded that it managed to melt the cool cumber of me' icy lil heart, right on the spot. At first I arrived filled with skepticism and reticence but that was no match for the radiating smile and electrifying gaze of Giri. This is the very opposite of the Gorgon's killer gaze because these eyes and this smile actually can bring you back to life, restores & open the heart, sooth yr restless mind, diminish that ego and generates a crazy & clear love that tames the drunken monkeys

Maura Sheehan, NYC

A Transformational Breath Participant says:

I feel at peace with myself
I feel amazing
I feel healed
I feel safe & loved
Life Changing
Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic.

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